• Update 25 Aug 2018. Fixed super rapid firing bullets when using a controller.

Demade by @Gypopothomas and @AwesEmz

Music by @BibikiGL and @Clayzulah



A/D - walk

K - shoot

L -  jump


Left/Right - walk

Z - shoot

X - jump


Dpad left/right - walk

X - shoot

A - jump

Published 25 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorsGypopothomas, AwesEmz
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Demake, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro


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Made a video


Brilliant stuff! That third guy throwing stuff, he's easy to beat if you drop down through the platform after taking some shots at him, then repeat. S'pose I should actually let people know you can drop through platforms. Haha! It's down+jump (S+L or down arrow+X or pad down+A).

Sweet game but the responding characters make it so much harder then it needs to be. Over all nice/ 

You just need faster fingers! 


Looks and sounds great, but man that difficulty feels pretty unfair at times lol. Couldn't make it past the platform with the 2 dynamites and bear trap without taking damage.

I can beat the whole level without taking a hit. You just have to get the right timing. But I've eased the difficulty up a bit for the next update.


It looks and feels great, but it's way too difficult for me. The ganados keep respawning offscreen, there's no way to disarm the bear traps and even with a glitch on my controller that makes leon's gun fire continuously, I can't shoot the scythes out of the air or avoid them.

Just avoid the bear traps and scythes. You can't shoot them. Go for broke!


Awesome work! The game took me awhile (it was pretty difficult) but I finally beat it. I really enjoyed following your updates on twitter. Seeing your art and what you all were able to accomplish in this amount of time is inspiring. Definitely keeps me motivated to get to where I want to be. Thanks! 

Thanks a lot!

Great work on this! Very enjoyable with a nice difficulty level.


Admin (1 edit)

Great work. It's really hard but I'm assuming that's to capture the NES style. The pixel art looks great.

Thanks! Yeah, going for NES hard to match the NES graphics!