You're a guy with a sword, in a dungeon, in a volcano, that's errupting! GET. THE. HELL. OUT!

Controls - Pad
dpad/analogue sticks - movement
Y - sword
A - jump
Start - pause

Controls - Keyboard
WASD/arrow keys - movement
Z/K - sword
X/L - jump
Return/P - pause

Art/game design by @Gypopothomas.
Sounds by @Awesemz.
Music by @Risen_LP.

Volcano Dungeon was a project I put together to learn C2. It's a bit rough around the edges n' it's getting harder n' harder to resist the urge to scrap it n' remake it with my levelled up C2 skills, so I'll release it into the wild n' start on something fresh.


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I love the game too and I agreed with the difficulty being a bit too hard. But that makes me remember the old days. Good work

Thanks, lad. Aye, I enjoy a game that can kick my ass, n' I like it when my games kick other peoples' asses. I like to pay it forward, y'know?


Cool art style and the game is also fun :) It's a little too hard....or maybe it's the controls for me. Jumping should be on the UP/W key.

Hey, thanks. I didn't set jump to up/W 'cause that's the universal 'go into a door' button. But I COULD set door to down/S n' have up/W as an option for jump. Hmm...