Gameboy style run n' gunner made in 10 days for #GBJam 2015. Run right n' shoot stuff!
Check out the original Strongman made for #GBJam 2014 right here:

Controls - Pad
dpad/analogue sticks - movement
B - roll
Y - shoot
A - jump
Start - pause
back+start - quit

Controls - Keyboard
WASDD/arrow keys - movement
SPACE - roll
Z/K/Y - shoot
X/L - jump
Return - pause
Escape - quit

Art/game design by @Gypopothomas
Tasty low-fi sounds by @Awesemz
Dope beats by @Risen_LP

Published Aug 23, 2015
StatusIn development
Made withConstruct
Tags8-Bit, Game Boy, Retro, Score Attack, Shoot 'Em Up

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