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porfavor terminenlo esun aobra maestra pooorfavooorr

i hate people that speak like that like sut mae trechu'r boss?

Es jugable en una nes original?


kkkkk JOGUEI O GAME KKK que dificil hein nao tive paciencia toma ae o video 

Like previous people I must say the boss isn't very fun. The best tactic to beat him (at least on easy mode where you have enough health) is to suicide dash into him to shoot behind his defenses. Although I must say I have no idea how you'd beat him in any way on hardmode seeing as there's so much seemingly unavoidable damage when you run back and forth waiting for an opportunity to shoot him in the back. The rest of the game was really nice. Gameplay ike Ghosts and Goblins but harder lol. And I LOVE the NES inspired graphics.

Please release the game completely. It is too good to be true, very good game. I hope one day they will continue it because it has guaranteed success.

This is the complete game, lad. It was for a game jam, so this is all I got made before the deadline. If I get some time, I wanna go back and finish it off though.


What game engine does this use?

Construct 2!

thanks so much. I've been experimenting with different game engines for a while, so this helps a lot!

Amazing! I love run & gun games like this. Though I feel like the boss is a bit annoying, considering that you have to stand on the edge of the platform so that the boss would actually be vulnerable. Also, his chainsaw range is terrifying, 60% of the time I jumped off the platform he would do a 180 and hit me. Though I finally beat it, and victory never tasted so sweet. Would love to see what else this game would bring if you're still updating it.

You're right. The boss is a bit shitty. If I get back to working on this, he'll be changed completely!

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WTF hell no original re4 was that hard :D brilliant game but I keep dying and dying and dying... 

UPD: finally beat it. awesome game

Thanks a lot, lad!


Nice one! Love watching people play!

I'll be honest, this kicked my arse. Ghosts 'n' Goblins-level tough, but beautifully stylised art and very polished indeed!

Thanks a lot!


love this game, can you plz continue devolopment, ill even help? And change the heath or sumthin the game is rlly hard?

Might get stuck back into it soon. If you want more health, you could always try Baby Mode. Haha!


Please have an android port

This is great!!! Excellent job!, i ran into a glitch before the boss but other than that it ran smoothly!

You weren't s'posed to be able to jump over that falling floor at the end! Haha! Whoops! The guys who throw the 3 sickles, you can stand beside them and jump between each throw, plugging some shots in each time.

Hahah yeah  i caught on the second playthrough.
And yep i knew i had to jump in between the sickles by the end but automatic reactions took over XD
Nice work man!


It´s a really cool game, i´d like some new leves, it remembers me games like Castlevania or Ghost and Goblins.

it is a little to hard but good game

really good game dude


The game isn't too bad.  My only gripe is that there are too many enemies plaguing the screen.  Fix that.

This game was nice, you made this game in Construct 3, right?

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Game is very nice, love the animation and art. The music is soothing and doesn't get annoying after countless retries. Love the death animation with the blood and sound.  Still having trouble passing level 1 haha.


Umm, is the game going to continue? or it will have more updates?

You did a nice job :P

Survival horror для русских пацанов!!!

Love the game dude. But have a minor problem. when i press pause there's no quit button. Is it supposed to be like that or?

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I have a powerful SNK (Neo Geo Pocket Color, specifically) feeling and I like it :D

I wish there is some weird and bio-risky way to put it in my Vita... 

Is it Gamemaker 1.4, by chance? 

Thanks a lot, lad! I wish there was a way to put it on your Vita too! Haha! I made it in Construct 2.


This is such a nostalgic breath of fresh air it is unreal! I love how you took a modern day game narrative / mechanical configuration and (Very nicely) reconfigured it inside out to fit a retro feel and side scrolling mechanic! 10/10

Thanks a lot! I'd friggin' love to remake everything as an NES game!

That would be an interesting oppotunity of creative experimentation! I would love to see that :D

works in 32 bit?

adorei o jogo

Nice game, nice art, funny and simple. Like it a lot

In my version there is a Bug that causes the Final Boss to disappear when he goes to the left of the screen


Beat it on Baby difficulty, yup I'm not ashamed, I can't imagine what it's like on hard but Baby for me is Hard :D but I had a blast with this game, played for about 30 mins.

looks awesome, plays awesome, takes a lot from an awesome game like RE4

Keep up the amazing work :)

wow great game !!! remind me of RE4 

What a legend

fight me 0 death pro run


I swear I would donate a few dollars if I had, but I'm without any money. I liked the game, but I recommend you download the SPAM from enemies, as well as make it possible for Lion to shoot upwards as well as a double jump would come from luxury. There are some points that if you add it would be great. It continues like this very good project.


Loved the game. I'm a big fan of Resident Evil 4 so this was a treat. I clearly needed to play on Baby Mode though as I wasn't ready to have my butt handed to me so hard. We had a minor glitch where the music went out upon respawning. After dying again the music returned. Not a big deal, but I figured I'd let you know.

Either way, I hope you continue working on the game. I wonder how you'd handle other popular enemies such as El Gigante.

how do u mute smh lol

I'm a sucker for anything old-school Resident Evil. 1-4 are, hands down, my favorite of the series. So, taking one of my all-time favorite entries and meshing it with the old-school platformer approach I grew up with as a kid? I was in horror gaming heaven until the euphoric trip was abruptly ended by the short game length. It's unfortunate, and I would love to see an expanded version of this demake.

Absolutely gorgeous and as challenging as addictive ! Resetting the score at each death but also giving unlimited credits is a good way to give the hardcore gamers the challenge they expect without being too punitive on the noobs like me!

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