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It´s a really cool game, i´d like some new leves, it remembers me games like Castlevania or Ghost and Goblins.

it is a little to hard but good game

really good game dude


The game isn't too bad.  My only gripe is that there are too many enemies plaguing the screen.  Fix that.

This game was nice, you made this game in Construct 3, right?

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Game is very nice, love the animation and art. The music is soothing and doesn't get annoying after countless retries. Love the death animation with the blood and sound.  Still having trouble passing level 1 haha.


Umm, is the game going to continue? or it will have more updates?

You did a nice job :P

Survival horror для русских пацанов!!!

Love the game dude. But have a minor problem. when i press pause there's no quit button. Is it supposed to be like that or?

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I have a powerful SNK (Neo Geo Pocket Color, specifically) feeling and I like it :D

I wish there is some weird and bio-risky way to put it in my Vita... 

Is it Gamemaker 1.4, by chance? 

Thanks a lot, lad! I wish there was a way to put it on your Vita too! Haha! I made it in Construct 2.

This is such a nostalgic breath of fresh air it is unreal! I love how you took a modern day game narrative / mechanical configuration and (Very nicely) reconfigured it inside out to fit a retro feel and side scrolling mechanic! 10/10

Thanks a lot! I'd friggin' love to remake everything as an NES game!

That would be an interesting oppotunity of creative experimentation! I would love to see that :D

works in 32 bit?

adorei o jogo

Nice game, nice art, funny and simple. Like it a lot

In my version there is a Bug that causes the Final Boss to disappear when he goes to the left of the screen

Beat it on Baby difficulty, yup I'm not ashamed, I can't imagine what it's like on hard but Baby for me is Hard :D but I had a blast with this game, played for about 30 mins.

looks awesome, plays awesome, takes a lot from an awesome game like RE4

Keep up the amazing work :)

wow great game !!! remind me of RE4 

What a legend

fight me 0 death pro run

I swear I would donate a few dollars if I had, but I'm without any money. I liked the game, but I recommend you download the SPAM from enemies, as well as make it possible for Lion to shoot upwards as well as a double jump would come from luxury. There are some points that if you add it would be great. It continues like this very good project.

Loved the game. I'm a big fan of Resident Evil 4 so this was a treat. I clearly needed to play on Baby Mode though as I wasn't ready to have my butt handed to me so hard. We had a minor glitch where the music went out upon respawning. After dying again the music returned. Not a big deal, but I figured I'd let you know.

Either way, I hope you continue working on the game. I wonder how you'd handle other popular enemies such as El Gigante.

how do u mute smh lol

I'm a sucker for anything old-school Resident Evil. 1-4 are, hands down, my favorite of the series. So, taking one of my all-time favorite entries and meshing it with the old-school platformer approach I grew up with as a kid? I was in horror gaming heaven until the euphoric trip was abruptly ended by the short game length. It's unfortunate, and I would love to see an expanded version of this demake.

Absolutely gorgeous and as challenging as addictive ! Resetting the score at each death but also giving unlimited credits is a good way to give the hardcore gamers the challenge they expect without being too punitive on the noobs like me!

Good game but hard.

This was just as hard as I remember Resident Evil 4 actually being. But it was also just as good. Great Work :D

Nice little game, if frustrating at parts... 

I made a review on youtube:

Awesome game, loved all of it. Made me think of Ghosts & Goblins when I first saw it. Nice Art work and Nice music/sound effects. 

My only gripe would have to be that I really would of liked to see the boss use different attacks to leave the player an opening for more attacks. I felt like I was being rushed too quickly and didn't have time to recover, which is ok for some games but, with a platformer with limited controls I felt restricted. I do understand that it is in development.

Overall, this is a very well done Retro Arcade style Resident Evil 4 and I did very much enjoy it.  I did 15 Minutes of No commentary on my channel, have a great day!


Man, I'm giving up. hahah Great game.


Hello, I played your game and loved it so much that I ended up creating a 0 death run for it on normal difficulty. Would love to see more levels of this game it is really awesome!

Love watching these videos! 0 deaths! Nice! A perfect run! 55200 is a brilliant score, lad!

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Hello I had the luxury of playing your game Bio Evil 4 on my stream today for my series of games. I really enjoyed the game and thought I would give you the highlight from my stream. Hoping you make more games in the future.

Thanks a lot! The video was brilliant! Not many people can make it to the end!

I love this so much! I'd love to see more like this from you in the future. It's clear you have a handle on the old style of games, as well as what made Resident Evil 4 fun! 


Loved the video, man! Always enjoy seeing people jump when the floor collapses before the boss. Haha! The music's a bit wonky. There's s'posed to be boss music, and it's really good too!

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Phew, it took thirty minutes and a change of input method but I beat the game! I'm guessing that's not anywhere close to record time but hey, I'm not that experienced with these old styled games! I do love Resident Evil though, and this was quite the fun and engaging demake to try out and finish.

I think as others had said though the game was a tad too difficult in places, and for myself it was often the abundance of things happening in general which kept catching me out. I did however feel the game became far easier to play when using a controller, as I just couldn't get the dropping down to work reliably when using my keyboard.

Overall though this was quite nice and solid for what you set out to achieve, so kudos! I hope to see more great stuff from you in future and you've earned yourself a follow!

Hey. Thanks for the feedback! The drop down was wonky with one of the keyboard control types because I'm an idiot! But I have it fixed n' updated now.

Awesome game! What's the pixel resolution? 240x180?

Thanks! The resolution is  the same as the NES, 256x240.

Any chance you have an email I can reach you at? 

Sure thing. Go for broke!


Very hard indeed
Never got past the third sickle guy XD
(I'm really bad at hectic games with unusual key bindings)
There seems to be a bug with the BGM stopping when you die at certain timepoints though. It would only continue/restart when you die another time.


Aye, that pesky music problem keeps popping up after I think I've fixed it. I'll get it sorted some day!

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I need to try this!

I'll probably use a gamepad but have you implemented key rebindings for those without pads?

edit: ok I just tried it: it's indeed way too hard, the character doesn't have enough different moves for it to be fair, what about a roll or dash with invulnerability frames?

I like the hectic rythm though, that's pretty cool (and stressful ahah).

Good job!

Thanks for the feedback. Naw, no roll or dash. Megaman doesn't need one, so Leon doesn't! It IS possible to beat the game without taking a hit, it's all down to timing.

Ahhh yes good ole classic timing games, play and replay till you figure out patterns and timing sweet can't wait to try.


Hi there, I tried out your game (PC download and web-playable versions) for a spin, even though I died numerous times :)

The character can't seem to jump downwards despite pressing down and jump, such as when I am facing off against the 2nd sickle-throwing guy. Also, you haven't added in an Escape button for when we want to stop playing the PC version, so you might want to look into that :o


Thanks for the feedback! I'll add that escape option right away!

As for the drop down, that's a weird one. What buttons are you pressing? Are you using a pad?

Thank you for that quick reply, and yes, escape button for the win! :D

I was playing your game using a keyboard, and it wasn't possible to drop down a platform while facing off against the 2nd sickle throwing man, as pressing down and jump at the same time did not do anything :(

I'm more comfortable with jumping with Z and shooting with X, but never mind :p


Aye. This was a screw up with one of the control types. I'm pretty sure it's been fixed with the new update.

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I've fixed this problem with the latest update! The down+jump problem I mean. Being able to escape outta the game will have to wait for the next update!

Alright, I'll try it out over the weekend! :)

Hi Gypopothomas, I had managed to complete the game, despite dying numerous times within the mansion. Also, upon further inspection, the down + jump mechanic only works if you press and hold down Jump (throughout the action), and then press Down D:


Hey. When I said I fixed it, I had fixed it... I just forgot to upload it. Haha! The new update was up a few days ago. I'm 99.999999999% sure the drop down controls are fixed now.  Fingers crossed!


I had never played resident evil 4 so I don't know besides the likeness of Leon and the girl I don't know much else, I liked the game it was fun and it has a good length to it from one level, I think adding chapters to it would make it better and last longer for playtime, it's the last game in this video I did.


Whoa! Thanks for featuring the game in your video! I really didn't think you were gonna make it to the boss after watching you die over n' over at the start! Haha!


Neither did I, I thought I was gonna give up after getting past the windows of enemies but I got there, might aswell have finished it.

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