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Please give more of this game i really enjoyed

Difícil e legal. O jogo consegue fazer seu papel de ser igual a era do NES ou super Nintendo

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You must be a fan of snake logan, I feel the spirit of Biohazard menace DOS game in your arcade 

Never even heard of it! But the screenshot looks cool, so I'll give it a go. 

I dreamt about this game but just now I am finding out about it... weird asf

Try doing a pacifist challenge on this...

This game is super cool! took me 28 tries but I beat it!!

una belleza en cuestion de pixel art y musica, sin duda alguna este juego esta muy pulido y se puede notar. 

What a game! I've only been able to play it briefly so far. But I love the Super-Ghouls-and-Ghosts-like art style and music as well as the RE references. A true delight for retro gaming fans. Amazing work!

Resident Evil 4 arcade style

Hi Gypopothomas                                             OsiDev

I wanted to ask if you were working on an update, I'm a designer new to programming and I wanted to know if you didn't mind if I completed the game as a fan made, it will be just an experiment, I look forward to your response

Don't think I'll be completing it any time soon. But go for broke if you wanna do a Resi 4 demake, lad!

Do you think you can make it run on a Game Boy Advance?

I think it would be too much work and time. Sorry, lad!

4:15 reminds me of Parasite anime 😉

Would love to have this game run on my retro handheld. I have a game boy style one, honestly games like this are perfect for the retro handheld community. 

If I ever get some time, I'd sure work on that. Have some Retroids I would love to see this running on.


Hey thanks for making this it's such a crazy reimagining and it's so well done. Hard as hell just like I imagine if it was an arcade game.

"He moves, he moves!". Haha! That was great. Thanks for the video, lad.

juegaso lo recomiendo es divertidisimo, pero seria bueno que tuviera mas niveles, de resto es un buen juego para revivir la infancia fucionando dos cosas los juegos en 2d y un clasico de capcom re4.

Excellent pixel art, platforming, and RE inspiration!

Thanks for the review!

Amazing work! ^^


i love how you managed to recreate the tenseness of the combat in retro form! found myself getting super frustrated lol but i beat it twice on standard in one sitting

one glitch: the music randomly doesn't play at all at the beginning of redoing a checkpoint, sometimes repeatedly

Aye. I could never figure out the music problem before the gamejam time ran out. 
You have to go for perfect run on Pro now! Get to the end and beat the boss without taking a hit!

seria ótimo um port deste game para nosso querido Playstation 2 , seria possível ?

acho que não ele pq fez no construct e não tem como exportar pra console


gotta be honest the difficulty curve needs work. it seems to be taking inspo from games like metal slug and maybe even ghosts n goblins, but like in the first 10 seconds of the game theres 4 different things that can kill you, all requiring different tactics to defeat. once you get used to it it's fine but like, that beginning is rouuugh. anyway really good polish and graphics are super good.

Thanks! Aye, I agree with the difficulty curve. If I ever get time I'd go back and smooth it out.

The control with Joystick is strange. You need to shoot with X, when the ideal is use the Square.

Also, I don't know how to close the game.


Hey Gypopothomas, I just have to make a negative criticism about your great game, the bad thing is that every two or three times you die, you start from scratch. For example, I have been playing your Bio Evil game, but since I'm not very used to arcade games, I die many times. That's why I suggest you do what other arcade games do, where you respawn exactly in the same place where you died, like in games such as Metal Slug or The Simpsons Arcade.


is there anyway to mod the game by some chance?

I don't think so. You might be able to swap the graphics about on the folders. But I'm not sure. What kinda mod are we talking?

like a reskin of the whole game.

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Super fun game! Did a little speedrun for fun, could improve by a lot but this was a decent enough first completed run

Edit: Also including my more recent run, sub 100 IGT is neat: 

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Very good! But baby mode? C'mon now, lad. You m can do better than that!

True true, I got my PB down to an 89 on baby tho. Was mostly playing on baby to try and get down some damage boosts, there's one that can skip an entire climb but it's really tough to do.

Could probably get a Pro run done if I could get past that dynamite section, lol

Just take your time. The dynamite sticks won't hurt you, you can stand on them and wait 'til it's safe. Just don't stand on them TOO long!


Make a android version


I'll think about it!


good game! and a great way to play re4 without paying



Great artwork as well as feel and concept. However level design and enemy placement felt pretty awkward and unfair at times. The idea of awkward enemy placement = difficult doesn't sit great with me. However, with a game like this I understand not a ton of options. Also boss hitbox can be a bit wonky at times.


Totally agree with the boss hitbox and level design, lad. Wish I had more time to polish it up. Maybe some day!


Good game, but more stages.


Great game

gameplay pt-br!

I just finished playing the game and I have to say it was really fun! I couldn't put it down until I beat it. I also did some digging around in the game files and found a shotgun sprite, so I'm pretty sure there's a secret shotgun weapon you can unlock.

There's no secret shotgun. Sorry! I planned on putting it in, but was running outta time with the gamejam, so had to cut it.


Great game.


Almost 80 Deaths before I completed it :D

Loved it more because its retro styled

Thanks for sticking with it 'til the end!

I´m not going to sugarcoat this, I can commend the art, and the animations are well done but clearly, enemy placement is uncomfortable and unconventional. I understand this is to be a difficult challenge, but it does feel a little overkill. But the developers show good promise, I definitely love the feel for it though.


tons of awkward enemy placement =/= difficulty, it's such a poor choice from the developers, could've been done far better


Totally agree about the enemy placement. I didn't have much time to test it as much as I'd want. Maybe some day!


This game is really fun I love it. short yet hard :)))))


Thanks, lad! Loved the video too! That's really manly scream you have. Haha!

haha thanks <3

Hey this game is actually really awesome! i had a lot of fun with this. i streamed it even. i did unfortunately have a bug on the final boss though but all in all really fun, challenging even, I'm crazy ab the style too, i love it! honestly i would really love to see other re demake from you! i was actually really sad that this one wasn't longer, more stages, new enemies, bosses ect. Bio Evil 5 when? ;) --- The bug was i got to the final boss and "killed" him but there was no money bleeugh blood and ashley getting lowered instead leon kinda just inhaled him when his health reached 0 and nothing happened. Good Work though :)  

Thanks! Maybe I'll demake Dead Space next.


I was playing this game at work for days and days, creating challenges for myself.

Guess what... It's possible to reach the end without spending a bullet and without taking damage (this is on hard mode).
The only enemy with mandatory death to finish the game is the final boss.

I had to test MANY times to find the right move.

It's a very fun game. I hope there will be a new version one day.
Congratulations on the project!

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