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This game is really fun I love it. short yet hard :)))))


Thanks, lad! Loved the video too! That's really manly scream you have. Haha!

haha thanks <3

Hey this game is actually really awesome! i had a lot of fun with this. i streamed it even. i did unfortunately have a bug on the final boss though but all in all really fun, challenging even, I'm crazy ab the style too, i love it! honestly i would really love to see other re demake from you! i was actually really sad that this one wasn't longer, more stages, new enemies, bosses ect. Bio Evil 5 when? ;) --- The bug was i got to the final boss and "killed" him but there was no money bleeugh blood and ashley getting lowered instead leon kinda just inhaled him when his health reached 0 and nothing happened. Good Work though :)  


I was playing this game at work for days and days, creating challenges for myself.

Guess what... It's possible to reach the end without spending a bullet and without taking damage (this is on hard mode).
The only enemy with mandatory death to finish the game is the final boss.

I had to test MANY times to find the right move.

It's a very fun game. I hope there will be a new version one day.
Congratulations on the project!

This was so much fun!  It was so hard!  Baby mode kicked my butt!  Love the graphics, the music, and the incorporation of the characters was brilliant.  Well done!

It's fun. Good

Holy shit! How can you shoot that fast!?

the game was kinda hard but its was still pretty fun

Great demake but Boss is UNFAIR ️‍🔥‎️‍🔥‎️‍🔥

I'll admit that the boss is a bit shitty. 

Amazing, really fun!

cool what of my fav games but it a demake nice



Still working on version 0.3 ? lol


It might happen some day! But I'm more likely to just start over again.

I hear the Godot engine is great for 2D games!. And if I could suggest two things, it would be to make a native Linux version, and include some kind of "Mercenaries" mode where you fight waves of enemies, upgrade weapons, etc.

I like the idea of a Mercenaries mode!

Loved the characters and how much they looked like the original re4 models. The graphics and gameplay are awesome.

un juego que simplemente te llega a fascinar, bien lograda la ambientación y la esencia minimalista de resident evil 4

Wow. Deserves to be finished development.

[Gameplay en español]

it's been a long time since its launch and it continues to attract people! The game is very well done, good job with this fanmade :D

looks freakin fun. can you controller support please.

incredible game brother, excellent work, very trained and at the same time difficult, good gameplay and good 2D graphics, congratulations my friend, I hope you can continue giving us updates on the game and maybe you can finish it, good luck brother, you are a crack

bom o jogo é muito bom mas tem que ser gratis por que não tenho dinheiro e também pouca memoria mas pelo jogo gostei muito demais pra quem não tem resident evil vai ser uma bela opção

Hello Gypopothomas!

A very cool game turned out on Construct 3

My praises :)

I also really like Construct 3, I feel comfortable there, and I tried Unity, but I did not like it there.

I came across a copy of this on the XBox One, under the name "Contra Evil".  It's no longer available, but I was just wondering whether you guys knew about this? 

Even in normal it's pretty hard, 33 deaths. Most of them figuring out how to attack the boss. But still it looks and sounds great!


This game is so god damn hard, it's the spirit of RE4

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tips to obliterate the boss faster : 
1. go to the right side of the screen
2. point your gun at the iron door
3. spam k and x before the boss hops in AND during the boss animation

4. profit

For a demake, this game managed to capture very, very well the essence of Resident Evil 4. I liked Chibi Leon and Ashley. They became very charismatic. Can't wait for the full version. Congratulations on your game.

Just great! Amazing job!

Love this! Great job!

porfavor terminenlo esun aobra maestra pooorfavooorr

i hate people that speak like that like sut mae trechu'r boss?

Es jugable en una nes original?


kkkkk JOGUEI O GAME KKK que dificil hein nao tive paciencia toma ae o video 

Like previous people I must say the boss isn't very fun. The best tactic to beat him (at least on easy mode where you have enough health) is to suicide dash into him to shoot behind his defenses. Although I must say I have no idea how you'd beat him in any way on hardmode seeing as there's so much seemingly unavoidable damage when you run back and forth waiting for an opportunity to shoot him in the back. The rest of the game was really nice. Gameplay ike Ghosts and Goblins but harder lol. And I LOVE the NES inspired graphics.

Please release the game completely. It is too good to be true, very good game. I hope one day they will continue it because it has guaranteed success.

This is the complete game, lad. It was for a game jam, so this is all I got made before the deadline. If I get some time, I wanna go back and finish it off though.


What game engine does this use?

Construct 2!


thanks so much. I've been experimenting with different game engines for a while, so this helps a lot!

Amazing! I love run & gun games like this. Though I feel like the boss is a bit annoying, considering that you have to stand on the edge of the platform so that the boss would actually be vulnerable. Also, his chainsaw range is terrifying, 60% of the time I jumped off the platform he would do a 180 and hit me. Though I finally beat it, and victory never tasted so sweet. Would love to see what else this game would bring if you're still updating it.

You're right. The boss is a bit shitty. If I get back to working on this, he'll be changed completely!

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WTF hell no original re4 was that hard :D brilliant game but I keep dying and dying and dying... 

UPD: finally beat it. awesome game

Thanks a lot, lad!


Nice one! Love watching people play!

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